We work with organizations who care about making this world a better place.


We are a Business Intelligence and Executive Coaching firm that specializes in helping socially and environmentally responsible organizations become more successful.

We provide you with a solid foundation for your business systems, actionable insights for better decision making and wise counsel for managing the human elements of your organization.

We see ourselves as partners in your success.


Business Intelligence

For your organization to thrive, it needs reliable and strategically designed systems that capture and provide key information about your business performance.  We can help you structure, understand and use this information to make better decisions.

We call it Business Intelligence.

  • Which Key Performance Indicators should you be tracking?

  • Which products and services provide the most revenue?

  • Which departments are most profitable?

  • What is the best way to increase profitability?

  • Where should you cut expenses?

  • How can you predict and manage cash flow?

  • How has your financial performance changed over the last few years, and what does this mean?

  • How are you performing compared to your budget?

We use best in class financial analysis software and our extensive experience managing and consulting with organizations to help you focus on and improve the areas of your business that matter most.

Executive Coaching

We work with C-Suite and executive level leaders that work in sustainability oriented organizations with international operations - people who dare to think outside of the box and who deeply desire to make a positive contribution to our world. 

Our goal is to support people living happier, healthier lives where they create more balance and harmony on this planet as well as success in their work.

  • Learn to cultivate and practice wise leadership

  • Discover the underlying patterns that are contributing to challenging personal and business situations, and how to change them

  • Harness the power of your emotions to communicate and act more effectively

  • Improve your team’s communication skills and hold more effective meetings

  • Discover your unique purpose and align your goals and business objectives with it

  • Receive support and guidance with challenging personal and business situations

  • Radically improve your personal productivity

While we have knowledge and experience using many different coaching, personality and human dynamics frameworks, we do not have an attachment to any particular philosophy. Our motto is to “use what works”.

What we care about most is that those we support become more free in themselves, empowered, clear and effective.

If you’d like to learn more about individual coaching, please contact us directly.